Bespoke Greenhouse Staging.

HJ BenchDesigned to let you decide how to make the best of the precious growing space you have under glass, Yowyarling greenhouse staging is built in consultation with the customer. Whilst there are standard features that most growers will require – solid & slatted work surfaces and storage space, for instance – it’s up to you to suggest modifications and finishing touches.  Maybe you propagate plants requiring specific shelving, perhaps your greenhouse is an unusual shape, or you like bold colours? There are plenty of options to consider, and most can be met with minimal variation to budget.

To keep prices competitive whilst guaranteeing durability, all Yowyarling products are made from carefully selected * tanalised (pressure treated) timber, mostly 3″x2″ carcassing for the main frames and 2″ x1″ rough-cut slate laths for drained surfaces. These softwood timbers are from sustainable sources, and as their names imply, are generally used in housebuilding. They are strong, heavy, waterproofed, and will definitely last as long as your greenhouse if well-maintained. All staging is delivered complete and further sealed in the finish of your choice.

* By ‘carefully selected’ we mean that we choose every bulk length of main frame timber individually to ensure that it is split- and warp-free. Most wood for our work comes from John Richardson Timber Merchants in Penrith, Cumbria. Friendly, expert and professional staff who are always prepared to do what they can to help, and they’ve helped us a lot. Highly recommended.

JHInst2Yowyarling Greenhouse Staging Prices.

Whilst there is no such thing as a standard bench,  all but the most complex require similar amounts of timber and time to construct. All are hand-built. Standard charge per bench up to 2.5m (8′) long is £275 plus delivery. There is no VAT.

Yowyarling Greenhouse Staging Design Options

In principle, anything is possible. We start with this;

BenchRaw_smallThen we than ask you for the dimensions of your greenhouse (crucially the width of the door!), discuss your specific requirements, then email  you a sketch of what it is we think you want, with those dimensions marked, together with any other agreed features and finishes. Once you’re happy with this we’ll give you a construction & delivery schedule.

Then we do this, or something like it:


And end up with this;


Bespoke logstores.

We use similar materials and methods to those we use for staging for the construction of our logstores. They are heavy, sturdy, and will withstand the worst the British climate can throw at them for many years if properly maintained. As with our staging, modifications to basic design can be made to suit your needs, size and shape being the most common variables. Standard charge per store up to 2m wide, 1.25m high and 1m deep with vented sides, an open front and single-pitch roof is £325 plus delivery. There is no VAT. Stores can be delivered complete or as flatpacks which we assemble on site, negotiable dependent upon your needs, budget, and the distances and time involved. All stores have solid fenceboard roofs with double-skin mineral felt cladding.

Flatpack ready to go

Flatpack logstore ready to go


Stormproof Bird Tables.

Constructed with clean, minimal lines and without a cumbersome support base which blows over in the first gale. Posts are cemented into the ground, with the upper structure built from our usual durable, weatherproof materials. Table and roof design can be tailored to favour/deter certain species. £125 including full installation, plus delivery.


More images of examples of all our work here

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